About 3DOrigins

We are a platform which links the 3D printer hobbyists with people who want awesome prints but don’t have a printer.

What 3D Origins can do for you

We want to link you with the amazing 3D printing community, these people have the brilliant ability to create objects which can be uncannily useful to elegantly beautiful.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to acquire them, in any material you desire.  With our completely impartial pricing system, which is dictated by the time it takes to print and amount of material used with the designer’s commission, we strive to be the fairest printing and file sharing service on the market.

What 3D Origins can do for the Designers

We provide you your own space on our platform; you have your own dashboard which displays downloads and orders taken place using your designs.  You also have a place to showcase your designs, to which in the future we would like to add more tools to let you modify it further.  Of course you will receive a commission on all orders that use your designs, which we hope will entice you to amaze us and our community with your creativity.

Who we are

Dom Bateman – Founder

This is a truly amazing guy, and I’m not just saying that because I’m talking about myself.  I have four long arduous years of working with FDM printers, after which I decided to stop using unnecessary negative adjectives when describing my work.  The reason for this?

Is setting up this platform.  I thought it would be great if there was a place where creative minds had an incentive to be creative and people had a way of seeing the benefit of 3D printing the way I do.  This is why I am here; I hope you find 3D Origins useful if nothing else.

Jake Hotson – Lead Programmer

Jake has been programming since before the internet was invented.

He began is professional career in 3D games at Rebellion Developments, and is credited on Aliens vs Predator and Gunlok.  He then moved into 2D printing at Software Imaging, developing printer drivers for Windows and, later, printing apps for Android.

Jake now works as an independent contractor, and was introduced to Dom by his former boss at Software Imaging.